Video Testimonials

These are some of our patients that we have treated. Each is a unique individual that came to us for different reasons and were happy with their results.


Chris attended my dental implants seminar and needed several implants due to tooth loss. Chris is also a part time magician and loves performing magic acts.





Connie has been a long time patient and she got tired of not being able to chew because she had no back teeth. We placed 10 implants and crowns and bridges and now she can enjoy her meals. The case took about 7 months to complete.



She had one missing tooth that we had to replace with an implant and a crown. it was right in the front of her mounth and she was concerned about the aesthetics.






Ralph's wife made him come to see me because she was tired of how bad his teeth looked. I gave Ralph 8 implants and new teeth. Ralph is retired and travels around the country with his wife in motorhome touring the USA and by the way enjoying his meals.



Theresa has been a patient in our practice for over 28 years and now lives in Pensacola, FL. She still comes in to see me for treatment. We have done a lot of cosmetic work on her and she makes regular trips to us for follow up.


Ronnie attended one of my seminars and comes to us from Hammond, LA. He had many issues with his mouth. We were able to give him 7 implants and the ability to chew his food once again.